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Incorrect as in sometimes Pitch FX doesn't know how to classify certain pitches?
Correct. MLB Advanced Media has come a long way with the algorithm they use to classify pitches. It is usually right about 85-90% of the time, where as it used to be more like 50% (It would mostly nail a fastball/change up, but beyond that it wasn't all that accurate between breaking balls/cutters).

If you want an accurate break down of pitchers pitches, head over to BrooksBaseball.net and check out the player cards. The guys who run that site are the guys who run Pitch Info LLC. They have worked with MLBAM and Sportsvision (the people behind the system) to improve the classifications over the years. The player cards use their own algorithm to classify pitches. They go to pretty big efforts to identify pitches at times that are "tweeners" including examining pictures of grips, videos and breakdowns to identify just how a pitch is moving.