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For years I looked for the right pill to make me ok. Never found it. Stopped looking. If it works for you, fine. But for the most part I agree with Bob. I think pharmaceuticals are being used to make us "fit" into an unnatural system.
Good for you! Reminds me of another story I heard on NPR a while back about a little girl 30 years ago or so, who just couldn't keep her feet still in school. Without even thinking, she would catch herself tapping with her hands to some imaginary rhythm, or tapping her feet to the same.

Back then, schools were allowed to "swat" kids as punishment, and that's what they did. Didn't help, and neither did any of their other disciplinary actions. Finally it all came to a head one day, and her parents were given a choice: Either she transfers into Special Needs classes and begins a regimen of meds, or she faces expulsion.

Her parents chose neither, enrolled her in an Arts based school with an emphasis on dance, and the little girl went on to be among the best dancers of her generation.

Nowadays? She'd be all medicated up, working in a office, probably stabbing herself in the hand with her office pen as punishment, every time her feet start to move involuntarily again.

And why?

In the 80's we moved away from "depth psychology" (Freud, Jung, Adler, etc...) toward cognitive psychology and meds. We're now in the middle of a hyperbiological era for mental health -- more brain than mind. Brain versus mind is less messy and less stigmatized. It's great that we've reached a place that mental health can be talked about openly. But that we have to speak of it in terms of serotonin and dopamine says we're not all the way there yet.

This is a big reason why.

Worst part is I see it almost every day. They start kids on these drugs that you can't come off of at age 8, age 9... these kids never even had a choice. Now they are drug addicts, and we all know who the dealer is.

It's just sickening. And anyone who defends it, either doesn't know what they are talking about, is ON what I am talking about, or is IN ON what I am talking about.