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Why anyone can get have prospects if you let FA walk thus having extra picks and then never trade anyone of value for several seasons. They aren't doing anything better than we are we just cashed out guys in for key players on our MLB roster so we don't have the same depth right now.

These things are cyclical they will be forced to trade some of their guys and the newness will fade off several of their extra picks and some will be blocked causing them to lose value due to age and other will just not pan out at all. This systems ranking is about to take a massive hit over the next year or so as they are going to graduate players and its going to force them to get rid of the good players they already have and cost them some consistency playing so many younger players.

Taveras is likely to be a RF as he matures so that means one of him or Adams is without a Job with Craig locked up, if they force him to stick in CF they don't have a spot for Jay who's done great for them and they lose Beltran's 33 HR and 105 RBI in 160 games as a Cardinal just to get them to the point to pick and chose the other guys. If Wong pans out they have to move Carpenter to 3rd and let Freese who won them a WS walk as both will be in arbitration and to get the BP arms in they have to let at least two of Motte, Mujica and Boggs leave over the next years. They are also likely to eventually make a move for a SS since its their organizational hole erasing some of these guys names and their depth.

They have their system propped up right now just like we did, but its about to take a hit and its going to also come at the cost of MLB players who made them winners, with the vets getting older and expensive if they make a bad move on who they keep on these blocked played or get bad a poor return they could find themselves in a bad spot quick.
So in other words, you just want to slag on the Cardinals which is fine but it can probably be done without references to the mentally handicapped especially given it's mostly slagging to vetch....