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Blow it up! Blow it up!!!

Just kidding.
Hahaha. I know you're kidding. The softer schedule in may ought to help. While it doesn't need blown up there are definite areas of concern. Choos D in center is suspect but my major concerns are the one dimensional, impatient, undisciplined nature of the offense and the massive hole in the 2 spot of the order and while he's doing a great job Phillips at cleanup. The two spot is dead. It's not even getting runners over let alone getting hits. And while Phillips is doing a great job, I really don't think pitchers see him as enough of a threat to give votto something to hit. Votto is getting hits off of pitchers pitches. I think it's frustrating him more now too and he's trying to be over aggressive and hit stuff he shouldn't be swinging at. Lets hope the pitching can carry us against good teams and the offense can beat up on the cupcakes until the deadline and Walt can make a deal to plug the holes.