I was wondering if maybe we could organize most of the Billy Hamilton updates into one topic (unless there already is one and I'm just blind). I know a lot of people are very excited about this prospect (myself included) and if there was a topic like this that is easily accessible to find any new updates or information on him it would be pretty handy.

Hopefully Doug can post in here from time to time with scouting updates (and anyone else that watches him regularly) to see if he's improving habits, hitting or especially how he's doing in centrefield.

Billy Hamilton as of today:

24 PA - 2 R - 2 RBI - 6 SB - 8.3% BB% - 8.3% K% - .364 AVG - .417 OBP - .545 SLG
Nice numbers so far. I like the K% but I don't know if the improvement there is just small sample based or if he's actually getting better at making contact and improving pitch recognition. The BB% seems like it would be more accurate (again, small sample size) as he moves up in level simply because there's no way with his hit tool that he's going to get walked at a 13 - 16% clip.

Does anyone know how his transition to CF has been so far?