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Most people at the time wanted Gordon Beckham or Justin Smoak.

Ike Davis and Brett Lawrie have turned out to be the best infielders (so far) from that draft, and both went about 10 picks after Alonso was picked. Another 1B Eric Hosmer was selected a couple picks before Alonso.

Buster Posey (5th overall) was clearly the pick of that draft.
I love the Alonso pick. Alonso basically yielded us Latos. Phenomenal pick in my opinion. He became an instant wild card (or trade bait) for us. We already had Votto, probably knew Alonso wouldn't be our big league 1B, so they picked him knowing his floor was very high. His ceiling maybe not so high, but you could trade him easily after a good start to his minor league career.

The Brewers did the same with Matt LaPorta for CC. These low floor hitting 1B are "relatively" easy to come by, yet teams still like to trade for them.