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If we set that precedent, are you OK with suspending pitchers for as long as the batters are out when they hit them?

It really bothers me that pitchers think it's OK to stand out there throwing fastballs at guys. It's every bit as dangerous as charging the mound and it certainly isn't baseball.
Well, there are very legitimate, obvious cases where in the course of the game a pitcher accidentally hits a batter. There are zero legitimate cases in which a batter charges the mound. None.

I'd be open to the situation you described, as long as it can be determined with reasonable certainty that the pitcher was throwing at the batter. But in the case in question, it was a 3-2 pitch against a leadoff hitter who has been hit more frequently than any batter in MLB history. There's roughly a 0% chance Greinke was trying to hurt Quentin. There's roughly a 100% chance the reverse is true.