I know it's still early in the season but it's something worth looking at and discussing.

After this year these are the guys that we have signed (all dollar values are in millions):

Joey Votto ($12)
Brandon Phillips ($11)
Jay Bruce ($10.04)
Johnny Cueto ($10)
Aroldis Chapman ($5.7)
Sean Marshall ($5.5)
Mat Latos ($7.25)
Jonathan Broxton ($7)
Ryan Ludwick ($8.5)
Jack Hannahan ($1)
Logan Ondrusek ($1.35)

Unsigned, eligible for arbitration:

Homer Bailey (Arb 3, $5.35 currently)
Mike Leake (Arb 2, $3.06 currently)
Ryan Hannigan (Arb 3, $2.35 currently)
Chris Heisey (Arb 2, $1.32 currently)
Simon Alfredo (Arb 2, $0.89 currently)
Sam LeCure (Arb 1, $0.51 currently)
Xavier Paul (Arb 2, $0.5 currently)

Unsigned, we own their rights:

Cesar Izturis ($0.8 currently)
Zack Cozart ($0.52 currently)
Todd Frazier ($0.52 currently)
Devin Mesoraco ($0.49 currently)
JJ Hoover ($0.49 currently)
Jose Arredondo ($1.2 currently)

Free Agents:

Bronson Arroyo ($16.44 currently)
Choo, Shin-Soo ($7.37 currently)
Nick Masset ($3.1 currently)
Manny Parra ($1 currently)
So next year our total signed salary is $79.34 (million) and we're spending a total of $106.85 (million) this year. So if we assume that we have about $40 million to wiggle with do you see any significant signings and/or moves this season, this winter or next year?

I think the biggest question mark will be whether or not to bring Arroyo back, and maybe moving Leake. I know that Chapman wants to be a starter, and Cingrani has been filthy this far in his career. That's a big number (Arroyo) coming off the books and leaves us some wiggle room financially.