I was reading the thread on the reds being worse this year, and I was going to make this a post within that thread, but I've seen this as an issue for the Reds for awhile so I figured id create my first thread on RZ.

Lineup synergy is a term I coined amongst my friends to describe/explain how the lineup for a team is more than just a collection of stats to produce runs, but an operating unit as a whole that works towards creating those runs based on maximizing each players skillset and handedness. More or less its the the flow of one player in the lineup to the next to create runs.

As of right now I don't see the reds lineup being set up to create maximum synergy to score runs. I see it going from one batter who gets on choo, to a batter, that can't get him over, heisey, to a guy that is constantly pitched around and having his talents minimized in votto, then Phillips who can get hot and give good at bats but other times swings from his heels, followed by Bruce who is feast or famine and gets caught swinging from his heels and followed by a Frazier, a lesser version of Bruce followed by cozart who can get on when he sees fastballs and hanigan who honestly right now looks like mini Jason larue but with no pop.

The end result is choo gets on. He can't get over. Votto gets on then we hope to god someone goes deep so we score. The reds have difficulty scoring not via the longball under the current lineup, so ill suggest some modifications to help create lineup synergy using the players on the current major league roster.


Cozart did well in the two slot last year because he saw fastballs in front of votto.
Votto is votto. Under this lineup he can get on or drive in cozart when he does plus he has double barreled protection in Phillips and choo to minimize pitch arounds
Phillips-says 3 is his favorite spot to hit. Raked in it last year.
Choo-great pure hitter and has the crucial ability to be able to drive in runs not via the longball. The other guys get on choo understands a hit can get them in not just a homer
Frazier/Bruce- I kinda see them as interchangable depending on who's pitching. Both are kind feast or famine guys but Bruce's feast level production is better.
Mes/hanigan-hanigans bat is looking weak enough that its overriding his D. Lets give mes more at bats.
Paul/heisey-if they can get on the pitcher can bunt them over. Drinking on how hot they are occasionally flip flop with cozart.

Anyway....any thoughts?