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Hanigan has pretty much exclusively caught Bailey since Bailey got hot back last August/September.

The one bad outing for Bailey was his last game. Guess who caught it? Mez.

Obviously it's in Bailey's head that he prefers Hanigan catching for him. I was listening to WLW on my way in this morning and the first comment out of Bailey's mouth was crediting Hanny for calling a great game and them being on the same page all night.

Mez has his work cut out for him breaking into the catching rotation since Hanigan is preferred by Bailey, Arroyo, Cueto. Not sure about Latos. I know Mez catches Leake though. Look at Leake's numbers. Is it Leake, Mez or both?

If Hanigan would start hitting to his career numbers, this discussion would be moot for the most part. As long as Hanigan struggles, people will be clamoring for the little-used Mez.
It is Leake. He is a soft tosser with average pitches.

Pudge Rodriguez, Yogi Berra, Yadier Molina and Johnny Bench could catch Leake and it wouldn't matter.

Also, is it not a fact the pitches come from the dugout?

You're damn right people are going to be clamoring for the little used mez. At one point he was ranked the 14th best prospect in baseball and the best catching prospect in baseball. Hanigan is a nobody that came out of nowhere to put up some decent numbers out of the 8 spot. Mesoraco is a potential middle of the order hitter that is wasting away on the bench. I would be furious if I were Mesoraco, at this point the Reds are stealing money from his future grandchildren.