Much has been made of the ridiculous rate at which Joey Votto is walking. Through 15 games, he has twice as many unintentional walks as ANYBODY else in in baseball. It's literally Bonds-esque.

Of course, baseball traditionalists are freaking out a bit, saying that Votto has taken his focus on his OBP too far, that he's not paid to score runs but rather to drive them in. I don't think I need to address that point directly. We all know where I stand. (That said, while I do think he's costing himself in terms of power production, I don't think his lower power output will continue to this degree).

However, I wonder... could it be possible that Dusty will look at Votto's walks and decide that he actually would be better off batting 2nd? Is it even a remote possibility? Or will he and the rest of baseball traditionalists privately (or publicly) lament that he's not doing his real job?