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He's one for his last twelve. He's slugging in the three's...he isn't getting pitched around, he's hitting around pitches.

And like the others here, I wonder if his student of hitting combined with his mental state is a bad combo.
The student of hitting thing is my biggest worry, combined with the mental state. I think he might need to talk to Tony Perez. "See dee ball, hit dee ball." Tony wasn't a bad hitter, was he?

Sometimes things are made to be to way too complex. Too many thoughts at the plate was always a bad thing for me. I let too many pitches go by that I should have hit. In college, I once told an umpire that he missed a pitch on a close call. Luckily, he didn't toss me, but he did smile and say, "I wouldn't have missed it if I had that bat in my hands."