I was at the Blue Gold game yesterday (got free tickets through work), so here's my take on the Post-Geno era:

1. The new uniforms look awesome:

2. The defense looked a lot better. They were closing on the ball a lot quicker after catches and limiting yardage.

3. As for the offense, Paul Millard looks like the starter going forward. I like Ford Childress in terms of potential, but Millard seemed to have a better control of the offense. The running game may be a strength (Garrison and Buie returning), plus Wendell Smallwood who looked pretty good, but given Holgorsen's system may not be utilized very much.

4. Jordan (Squirt) Thompson will likely receive the bulk of the catches going forward. He isn't as explosive as Tavon, but is the best option. Kevin White, a Juco receiver, is one to keep an eye on. He is 6'4 and moved pretty good on a TD reception from Millard.

The offense is taking a step back but with Will Clark and Karl Joseph coming back the defense will likely need to step it up. The early season game in Oklahoma could be a statement for how this season is going to be, IMO. Anywhere from 9-3 or 7-5 would be possible. I see this team making it to a bowl game, just not sure which one.