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Personally, I find Cameron to be the Tim McCarver of stat guys. He seems to make a living out of making a big production out of repeating run of the mill observations and puffing them up as important revelations (similar to McCarver's TV schtick). Most of what he says seems to be almost common knowledge for the already initiated (which is who would be reading a site like Fangraphs). Once you know the subject matter of his next article, you could pretty much predict exactly what he's going to say. He's not necessarily "wrong" in most of what he says, but we've heard it all before.

Guy is getting a lot of RBI because the two league leaders in getting on base are hitting in front of him. Wow. I'm so enlightened that my life has completely changed from this. Yawn.
Dave made his mark ripping pages "out of the book". Dusty's quote was probably too juicy for him to pass up especially since it made for a very easy column for Cameron to write.