This season has been a bit bizarre so far. So many extra inning games, near the top in runs scored, key injuries early, the big boppers aren't really bopping yet and the bullpen....well, let's just say it's off track.

Of the 9 guys who've accumulated stats this year coming out of the bullpen, 5 have ERAs over 4 and 3 are north of 7! On the flip-side of that coin every starter has an ERA under 4 (the worst being Leake at 3.81). Those guys are getting it done!

So what's the problem? Is the 'pen awful or are the numbers an anomaly?

Of the 21 games played to date the starters have been involved in the decision in only 8.

Despite being near the top in runs scored, is the offense getting it done? Probably a yes and no answer would work. They're scoring but doing it late in the game.

Of the 113 runs the Reds have scored this year, 43% (49) have come during the 7th inning or later (including extras), often times after the starter's work is done. That puts a lot of pressure on the BP, as does all the extras they've played.

I like the fact that the team can - and does - score late, meaning there's always a chance to pull out the win, but it would also be nice to get more of those runs earlier in the game and let the bullpen work as it was designed, Marshall, Brox, Chappy. After all, Chap does have only 3 saves.