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Based on my limited viewing of him, I would agree that he struggles locating pitches. Honestly, I'm not very excited about him (I kind of wonder how he got so highly ranked, even ahead of Cingrani last year)... I think he could end up as a BOR starter for the Reds in a couple of years, but I just don't see massive upside. He does have a nice breaking ball though. (Not brave enough to classify it as a curve or slider )
I think it's the comparison to Cueto that gets some people excited. They're both Dominican, about 5'11" and 210-ish. They each spent their age 20 season in Dayton and dominated. Cueto continued his dominance at each level after that, with huge SO/9 and SO/BB numbers...Corcino, not so much. His number of walks is alarming, but I'd really like to know if they tinkered with his delivery at all this year to improve the BB numbers. Makes me wonder if they tried something different, and it's not working so far.