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I didn't mean Lebron didn't make a great play, I meant I don't think Spo did anything real special in drawing it up. I think if George plays that properly Lebron has to take a jumper, which he still may make because he's the best player in the game but I could live with that.
Right. Catching the ball with his back to the basket 20 feet away, the only way James or anyone else can get a layup in under 2.2 seconds is if the defender is out of position and leaves the runway clear. Otherwise, like you said, James takes one dribble (maybe) and then goes up for the jumper. That's why I thought the initial reaction about Hibbert not being in the game was overblown. Miami had five shooters on the floor and the first priority is to make sure no one popped free on the inbounds play; I don't think it occurred to Vogel to leave Bosh wide open just so Hibbert could be camped in the lane in the unlikely event someone else whiffed his assignment.