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Denorfia is not a building block. He's a $2 million per year competent outfielder who can help cover the position for now.

The Padres, if you look, have nine players earning more than Deno, some much more. If they want to dump salary, I'd think they would start with the $5,7, and 9 million contracts they have.

Now - they would gladly trade Deno if they get back a good prospect for the future. But the thesis of some is that the Reds can get him for C level minor leaguers and a bucket of baseballs. I doubt it.

Seems to me Deno is the kind of guys a rebuilding team keeps to provide some veteran leadership on the club. There are more big ticket guys they could dump.
He's cheap, can play multiple positions well and is a legitimate major league bat. That's a useful player for a team in flux and sounds like a guy that is more valuable to the Padres than the reds if one also argues Denorfia can't really bring a lot in trade.