I see an abundance of dont panic and come back from the ledge threads popping up. As reds fans we should not be on the ledge. The pitching will carry us most likely to the postseason. Once we get ahold of opponents that bring softer pitching the stats will surely get back to what we consider normal. But the entire time lets just keep April in the back of our mind. When a team is challenged you learn more about them when they arent. What did we learn about our team this month?

The Good:

1. The starting pitching is rock solid
2. This team never quits fighting in a game or overall when faced with injuries.
3. Choo is an excellent leadoff man

The bad:

1. Votto needs legit protection in the lineup in order to be pitched to
2. This team has serious contact and run production issues when not hitting homers and when facing better pitching.
3. This team is not very adept to manufacturing runs against good pitching.
4. While bringing a big boost to leadoff and showing signs of improvement, choo would probably be better off in a corner spot in the outfield.
5. Overall the offense is pretty one dimensional.

So what do we learn?

Well one not to panic. The pros of this team, namely the pitching, will carry us and the offense isn't totally anemic versus lesser pitching so it will actually explode for a few huge outbursts.

Two. Don't let any offensive outbursts against lesser opponents haze our perspective of this lineup. The reds do have the firepower to light up some lesser pitching with the longball. But don't let this haze our perception of it versus good pitching. We could instantly go cold.

3. Lesson learned? Last year at the deadline wee did not pick up a leadoff man to help kick start the lineup and help us manufacture runs. It showed in the playoffs too. After the home runs dried up, so did the winning. All that was needed to win with a sweep was one manufactured run in game 3.

Lets not let beating up on the lesser teams and pitching that we are going to do lead us to think offensive changes aren't needed. Votto needs protection and this lineup needs a bat that can be disciplined and give good at bats.

So overall. Don't panic. We will hang in there. But don't put on the rose colored glasses either. This team needs help if it wants to do more than just make the playoffs. So at the deadline. Walt please remember April this year and get the reds some offensive help even if it looks like they are cruising.