If the Reds win the Central they will have to rely on help from other teams beating the Cardinals. They can't beat them on the Road, they can't beat them at Home. Record since 2010 24W 30L. 11-19 on the Road.
Not even counting the first two years under Dusty. It wouldn't be fair. Here's another nugget. The players change, no Pujols, No Carpenter for two years, One year without Wainwright and Tony Larussa is retired. They still have OWNAGE. you can see why people don't want Dusty as manager! You can't tell me this Reds team on paper isn't better than StL. Why does this team grab players out of the scrap pile and continue to beat us? This is not ok in my eyes and never should be excepted. I don't care about winning the Division if your rival sneaks in playoffs and advance further than you every year.