I agree with the posters here about Walt. It seems he has employed two different strategies. He knew he had the finances to make the kind of deals he did in St. Louis. He has seemed to shift his strategy when becoming the GM in Cincinnati to a strategy where he knows money constraint will be a factor. Because of this, I would still place him in the top 5 GM's in baseball.

All that said, I think Mozeliak has certainly earned his stripes, so to speak as GM. The Cardinals broadcast gave an interesting graphic in tonight's game as I was switching back and fourth between the hockey game. Since 2006, the Cardinals have either drafted or signed 32 MLB players, which is by far the most of any team in major league baseball. Part of that was Walt but a huge majority of that was due to Mozeliak. Either way, I think both Cincy and St. Louis are amazing in the GM department. In fact, I would put both of their GM's in the top 5 in baseball right now as it stands.