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Or the Cardinals. They have won as may WS as the Giants lately. And are doing very well this year.
I realize something similar to this gets said likely nearly every season (as of recent seasons, at least), but I truly do think that the Cards will begin regressing to at least some degree relatively soon. With both Westbrook & especially Garcia going down (add Gast to that list now as well), I would think they are BOUND to see at least SOME regression. I realize that their young arms have stepped up and have been doing a great job thus far (Shelby Miller looks fantastic), but it's a long, long season and I just can not help but think that they are due to hit some bumps in the road relatively soon.

Then again, OTOH, that team is like the freakin' little engine that could. Guy goes down, they replace him & said replacement puts up great numbers. Whether one wants to label that as "luck" or they simply bring these young guys up with a very dominant "winning mentality" that said guys are able to translate over into on-field success, I don't know. Honestly, I think it's the latter. Awfully, awfully hard for me to consider much of anything that the Cardinals do as merely "luck" when they seem to be able to replicate these sort of things year after year.

Having said all of that, I DO however, think that we will see at least SOME degree of regression from the winning tear that they have been on thus far this season. We'll see where they stand come the All-Star break. Will also be interesting to see if Chris Carpenter does indeed make a comeback to the bullpen and if so, how well he does. Apparently, his bullpen sessions have looked very good thus far. If he comes back and dominates out of the pen, it certainly will not surprise me. Of course, neither would the opposite.

I think the Cards AND the Pirates are going to hang around and be legit threats for the duration of the season. But if I HAD to make a prediction right now, I predict the Cards will regress just enough for us to move into 1st place by the All-Star break. I honestly feel as though we should win the central yet again this season. And to be completely honest, it would not surprise me in the least if BOTH wildcards were to come out of the central (Cards/Pirates). I know many feel as though they have been hoodwinked by the Pirates for the last 2 seasons and feel as though they are going to end up being essentially "fools gold" for the 3rd season in a row, but I do not. I think they are finally legit and will remain that way over the course of the entire season. I'm not 100% sold (yet) on them making the playoffs, but I DO feel as though they will finally pull off their first .500-plus season since 1992.