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Bautista is the Matt Kemp of the AL, both are vastly overrated based on one monstrous season they'll never reproduce.

Take away Bautista's monster 2011 season and he's averaged 3.1 fWAR since 2009. That's about 1 win above the average MLB player...then consider his age.
WAR is a cumulative stat. You cannot use this season to come up with an average WAR. He also was hurt in 2012 and didn't play full time in 2009, further worsening your average WAR stat. When you take that into consideration, 3.1 is pretty freaking awesome. In fact, remove this year (since it's only 1 month in it would be the wise thing to do) and his average WAR minus 2011 is 3.83. If he played full seasons in 2009 and 2012 it would be easily over 4, which is considered All Star level.