I will start this thread by saying that I hope it gets alot of feedback, as I am one that is really into nostalgia, 'moments', and sports happenings/memories. Many people are fans of teams from a certain city, for a certain reason (usually b/c they are from there - or nearby). Other fans are fans b/c when they started watching, that team happened to be winning in that era. I'm kind of a hybrid fan - and have very valid reasons for all of my allegiences. Cincinnati Reds, Dallas Cowboys, Alabama Crimson Tide Football, Memphis Tiger Basketball.

As far as favorite Reds memories, I have several, of course, and will eventually get to all of them. But will start with the one that MADE me a Reds fans. I grew up in Memphis, TN, and my father, who didn't do a ton of things right, DID do some things right. He took me to st. louis in the mid-late '70s to watch the Big Red Machine. Not only that, we went to the hotel, where as a little boy I got to meet many members of that team - Rose, Bench, Morgan, Seaver, among others. We went to dinner at a horrible place called Mont Eagle (my sister's burger was so bad she tried to hide it on the seat so my dad would think she ate it), and then to the game, where George Foster hit a towering home run, and 'this one belongs to the Reds'. I was hooked, and have been ever since.

As i said, I have many many more, but that's where it started for me. I hope many of you read and choose to share yours as well. Go Reds!