Why is everyone still ignoring the fact that the Reds will get a first-round draft pick as compensation if they lose Choo after this season? I keep reading posts like "We only got a one-year rental in return for Didi." On its own, that sounds like we got fleeced.

But the truth of the matter is the Reds are getting one year of Choo -- who is arguably the best leadoff hitter in baseball -- PLUS a first-round pick. And that's if Choo doesn't re-sign. With him coming back to earth and with him seemingly loving his time in Cincinnati, it's not out of the question that he will re-sign with the Reds. Chances are he will leave, but stranger things have happened. (I'm looking at you everyone who thought Votto would never sign a LTC here.)

But, again, the good news is that even if he does leave, we'll get a first-round pick in return. What if that first-round pick ends up becoming a star? Then we will have gotten a year of Choo (a player that could still put us over the top this season if we can find a way to stay healthy for a change) plus a young prospect/star in exchange for Didi.

Don't think for a minute that the Reds didn't take into consideration the fact that they would get a first-round pick as compensation if Choo left after one season before making the trade.