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More reason to have replays. Get the calls right and you have a much better game. No reason not to have replays for these types of calls in MLB. They might be excusable but they were the wrong calls. When you have the technology to get calls right why not use it?
I don't disagree 100%, but I just think the effect of those plays are getting blown out of proportion. They didn't change the outcome of the game. None of those plays were going to add 3-4 runs. My main objection to going to heavy replay is the speed of the game. If it could be done without the whole manager objections, ump gathering, going under the stands, standing around and waiting and then finally coming back out to decide a play that might not even have any major bearing on the game...I don't know, I just don't see it being done quickly and smoothly. Too many things already slow the game down too much. There should be a rhythm to the game, the last couple of decades, I've seen that go by the wayside quite a bit.