Reds lost a great deal of experience, leadership, and veteran talent when Rolen left, and Ludwick and Hanigan got hurt. I see Ryan H is coming back soon, hopefully he will be healthy and hit better now.

It's hard to say around here because of the huge amount of love for Reds prospects.

But Cozart, Frazier, Mesoraco are very inexperienced players. I won't say that about Bruce. He is young chronologically, but he's experienced.

Certainly the bench has a number of inexperienced players.

I would like to see the Reds add some more veterans. I had suggested Scott Hairston.

Less experienced players sometimes tend to be inconsistent IMO, they are learning the game.

When times get tough, veteran leadership is important, and sometimes they are steadier. Has to be the right guys, not saying everyone would be additive. But that's my thought for the day.