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This is typical RedsZone typecasting and it is silly and demonstrably false.

In fact, the opposite problem exists -- many RedsZone posters are so madly in love with every prospect that they think Jay Bruce is Babe Ruth and Todd Frazier is Lou Gehrig. And they are crushed when they find out it isn't so.

When you have a wildly inconsistent lineup, with three starting hitters who are very inexperienced and a good RFer who has a history of inconsistency, the way to remedy that is boost the offense with one or two proven bats.

This is especially so since the team has lost several key veterans to injury or retirement.

So you guys can go ahead with Donald Lutz from AA filling the holes and with all the wonderful Reds prospects getting all this playing time. It's working great so far.
You can either chide such typecasting or make your Bruce/Fraizer to Ruth/Gehrig comparison. It's not consistent nor fair to do both.