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It's called the eyetest. I don't think Jay is as good as others do. There's no reason it needs to hold water. It's an opinion based on what I see. All the stat guru's will throw out what they see and simply go by their precious stats.

If you've always been a Jay Bruce fan, then you probably overlook a lot of the negatives.

I've never been a fan or non-fan. I just see a guy who K's a lot (48+ so far), and rarely makes things happen. And it's not based on simply this season. I've been consistent in my disappointment of Jay Bruce.

But let's not derail this thread about Choo. Choo is everything I knew he would be. I've wanted to acquire him since 2009.
As KC said, the trade proposal isn't that far fetched if that is what you want to see happen going forward. The problem I had was with the broad statements presented as fact, when it was just conjecture. I realize he has some negative aspects in his game, especially right now... But using a 35 game strikeout/power sample, along with statements like "he has never been clutch" "he always Ks in big situations" and calling that the eye test just doesn't ring true with me. I'm sorry to derail this thread... My initial post about the trade stands though... The "triple crown-threat" and best player early on in the 2012 season has 1 HR and has had his struggles too, along with the guy everybody wants from Miami. I'm concerned with Bruce and his struggles, but I'm not ready put a fork in him.