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As recently as 2011, Young put up these #'s

OBP .380
SLG .474
OPS .854
AVG .338
Only 78 strikeouts in 631 trips to the plate (I understand and respect the argument that strikeouts don't matter, but in a 2-hole hitter, I want a guy who makes good contact).

He'd be a 1-year rental and Frazier would play LF. Once Ludwick gets back Frazier can split time at both 3B and LF spelling the 2 "old" guys as the season is winding down.

He's not perfect, but IF he's available for another "old" 1-year rental guy in Arroyo, then I would think it's a perfect case of dealing from a strength to fill a need that injuries have created for both ball clubs.
Here's my question though. Is the defensive downgrade at third worth whatever probable offensive upgrade that Young provides over the Heisey/Paul duo in left?