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Reds got Rasmussen in a bizarre deadline deal.

Reds needed starting pitching, so Bill Bergesch worked out a trade of reliever Ted Power for Rasmussen. Turns out Ted Power was Marge's favorite Red, so she demanded that they trade one of their better starting pitchers, Bill Gullickson for Rasmussen instead.
Power started 34 games for the Reds in 87, but wasn't pitching as well as Gullickson, who, himself, wasn't pitching as well as he had pitched in 1986.

Looking back, even though the trade hurt the Reds starting pitching depth, Rasmussen, as a Red in 1987, actually out pitched Gullickson that year.

The problem was Rasmussen's ineffectiveness in 1988, which led to the trade with the Padres for Candy Sierra -- not one of Murray Cook's better moves, as Rasmussen pitched well for the Padres for 2.5 seasons.

Power, along with Stillwell, netted the Reds Danny Jackson, which we can all agree was a great move on the part of Murray Cook.