Moving on from the Giancarlo Stanton eternal flame for a minute, Alex Rios is another trade target that makes a ton of sense for this team.

Mlbtr has a nice Trade profile up on him today, implying that he could be shopped as the Sox look to rebuild. He bats righty, plays plus defense, and would look great in the 2 or 4 hole in our lineup.

He does make a decent amount of money this year and next, with a team option for 2015- the perfect duration for a corner OF trade target. So what would you offer?

I'd start with an offer of Ludwick plus any two prospects in the system outside of Hamilton, Winker and Stephenson. That could mean something like Travieso and Lutz (or Yorman), which I'd be fine with- especially if we could offset some cost by including Ludwick.