I'll agree with Bench's 72 HR and Morgan's GW RBI in game 7 of the 75 playoffs. Both were huge to say the least. Perez's HR off Lee was rigth there too. Lee had thrown him that pitch before and Perez popped it up,IIRC. The Big Dog knew what to do with it the 2nd time. Bench also had a big AB against the Reds Sox in game 2 of the 75 WS. Big 9th inning hit to put the Reds ahead in a game they really needed. It would have been tough to have won that series being down 2-0.
Votto has some of the best AB's I have seen in regular season play. He had one in particular against the Dodgers in LA late in the 2010 season. It was late in the game and he just kept fighting oen tough pitch after another. He finally lined one into LF for the game winning hit after at least seeing 10 pitches. It was just a great AB in a big game.