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They can option Robinson correct? He does bring soeed and some decent defense, but that's what Heisey brings with more offensive potential. Seems to me that there are two redundancies on the roster. If Lutz and Paul are redundant, so are Heisey and Robinson IMO. I'd keep Lutz in there against RHP until he stops hitting. If it means that Robinson has to go down for a while, so be it. They should probably take their time with Heisey's rehab. Get him 6 or 7 games to get in a groove. Meanwhile, Lutz plays a lot. If he hits, he stays and Heisey assumes Robinson's role until Lutz stops hitting and goes back down to finsih his development. At that point, Robinson, Perez or some other player who may fill a need can come up.
I don't think it would be prudent to stunt any progress Lutz still might make as a hitter by playing him a third of the time or less in the bigs. Do even the most optimistic of us think he'd hit better than .250 w 7 HRs in 180-200 ABs? What would that even be worth to this ballclub?