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He doesn't seem like a guy you'd want to call up just to hit 5 times in a week and rot on the bench. To his credit, he did very well in that role but isn't he someone who needs lots of ABs no matter where he is? Going forward is he someone that you want to sit and wait for a PH opportunity? He needs to play
He is up for his two weeks. Everyone knew it, including him. He got the call because he was literally one of two options on the 40-man roster. If Chris Heisey tore his ACL, Lutz wouldn't have been the guy called up because you are right, he does need to play, and the Reds wouldn't have put him in a scenario where he would be a bench guy for the next 4 months because they know he isn't ready to play here every day. They would have called up Perez or Phipps for the bench role. But since they only needed someone for a few weeks, they can sit Lutz and use him as a spot starter and pinch hitter, then send him back to where he needs to be, the minors.