I was listening to WLW this past weekend and on the post game show Doc Rogers make the statement that in no way would he ink Choo to a deal at this point no matter what.

For me it would be based on the deal his agent Boras offered. I wouldn't go for anything over 5 years at most, would rather have a 4 year deal. I think at his age you can get another 4 high quality years out of him before decline starts. I would be willing to offer Choo 4 years at $60 million with a team option on a 5th year. I think there might be a few teams out there that might go over that in years but not in per year dollars.

If Boras told you as Reds GM you had till the end of June to make up your mind and that it would take $13-15 million per year would you take his offer or pass and hope Hamilton learns alot over the rest of this season in AAA?