I got a speeding ticket several days ago, and upon looking over it I've found multiple errors and misnomers.

1) He spelled my name wrong.

2) He got the model of my car wrong, actually left it off altogether.

3) He indicated that he verified I have insurance, when in fact he didn't. He even told me he wasn't going to.

4) He put a very ambiguous road name. He indicated "Farmersville Pike" when there are at least three roads nearby which technically could be called Farmersville Pike. The correct road name is "Germantown-Farmersville Pike".

Furthermore, during the traffic stop he made himself look pretty foolish. I have a CCW, and you're supposed to declare whether or not you have a weapon with you in the car. Normally I do so the very second I get a chance, without interrupting the officer of course.

The officer asked me as soon as I rolled my window down, actually never giving me a chance to declare it myself. I said "Actually yes, I do..." and he went on to tell me I'd committed a crime by not declaring it to him, even though he never gave me a chance. He went on to say "You've VERY lucky I'm not arresting you over this... Actually, I'm not really sure if I could arrest you or not... but you'd be in a lot of trouble if this was anyone other than me!!"

He basically told me I was lucky he wasn't arresting me over a law he actually doesn't even know the ins and outs of.

Would I have any luck fighting the ticket? I really would love to get it dismissed, but I also don't want to to waste my time and have to pay court costs if there isn't much of a chance in fighting it.

This is only the second speeding ticket I've ever gotten, and I've never been to court before, so I really don't know much about the process.