This is smelling more and more like a scam to me:

Potter had a market appraisal conducted on the home which showed that its value was $47,000, plus a tract of land worth $2,830 -- which together was much lower than the value that he and his granddaughter had expected. They made an offer to Cottrill through their attorney for the market value of the home, and received a counter-offer that was about $85,000, plus about $4,000 -- and $11,500 for the eviction process and attorney fees. Potter said that he is reluctant to offer more than what the market appraisal for the home indicated.

After discussing it with his granddaughter and attorney, Potter made a second offer of $60,005.23 on June 13, but Cottrill, they said, declined that as well, without a counter-offer. In a document shown to ABC News, a rejection letter from the attorney of Cottrill and her husband, dated June 14, states, "They find the offer unacceptable and decline the same." Cottrill declined to comment to ABC News.

Why start raising money until they have an agreed upon offer on the table? The idiots are the people who sent money in regardless.