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The deal is a no brainer. The Nets gave up nothing but draft picks that will be in the 20-30 range. Makes little sense for Boston since they took on Wallace's salary.

However, I think it really hurts the Nets defensively, and losing Reggie Evans energy and rebounding is a minus as well. Pierce looks like he doesn't have any tread left on his tires. They'll have to keep KG's minutes down during the regular season to get the most out of him in the playoffs.

I might revisit the Lopez - Dwight trade again. Lopez bad foot scares me, and adding a defensive/rebounding/shot blocker in the middle is just what the jump shooting Nets could use.
From what I'm hearing, the deal is now Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, MarShon Brooks, a signed-and-traded Keith Bogans, Kris Joseph, three first-round draft picks (2014, 2016, 2018), and the right to swap first-round picks in 2017 to the Boston Celtics for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry. So Reggie Evans is still a Net.

I think Pierce can still play at a high level, but he's not 'the' guy anymore. Which is fine, because they won't need him to be that in Brooklyn.

I personally have very little interest in D-12 at this time. The Lakers expected Howard to be the defensive/rebounding/shot blocker for them, but they didn't get that. And I think he's immature.