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And yet you click. Why? Was someone holding a gun to your head? Or did you just click to complain (troll)?

Maybe you should take a break from clicking on his threads. Crazy idea , I know. ...if you don't like something, you don't engage it.

Because last I checked, this was a discussion forum with the subject matter being the Cincinnati Reds. Don't get me wrong, I'm not nominating this for RedsZone Thread of the Year. But it certainly is a thread I would categorize as appropriate to a Message Board where the Cincinnati Reds are discussed.

Sadly though, There are many people in this world that INSIST the rest of the world be judged by their own yardsticks. And when they don't "measure up," they want it "removed, banned, deleted, punished," etc.

This attitude is a big part of what is wrong with the world today, IMHO. The piling on after the fact takes a close 2nd.
The premise of the ORG is to be better than the other boards. It is supposed to be elitist! Asking for someone to hold up that standard is asking very little. You conveniently left out the recent list of absurd threads RedTruck has started. In no manner did I suggest any sort of punishment, rather that he stop the almost daily onslaught of ridiculous threads.

I can't stop the Brennamen's from the almost daily idiocy, but I can say something to better my other outlet for Reds discussion and information.