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I know... especially after the controversial "State of California vs Internet Dude" Supreme Court ruling, stating that anyone's opinion on internet forums must be construed as absolute truth.

Oh wait... that never happened. Silly me. But hold on a sec. I'm starting to wonder if people posting comments on internet forums MIGHT just be able to do so, without having to justify said comments with endless stats and linked sources.

Happy days...

And consider the alternative:

A: I think the Reds might fizzle out this year. I don't think Dusty can take them to the next level.
B: Dude?!?!!!1111 Link? Sources? Man, the quality has really fallen off here at the ORG.
A: Ummm, I'm just saying I don't think the Reds have it this year.
B: Can we ban this guy? 5000 post rule, please? I remember when the ORG was something to be proud of. Blah blah blah hijack thread with incessant whining, blah blah blah.
Thanks for the entertaining read. Unfortunately, this has little to do with anything anyone has said on this thread.