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From the eye test I thought our bench was doing just fine. But then I looked up the numbers...

Reds Pinch Hitters are .300/.342/.457

Which is 1st/1st/2nd in the NL, respectively. We are 2nd in SLG and OPS to Atlanta.

*EDIT: We are also have the most pinch-hit RBI's*

Usually the objective of a PH is not to get an out. That's it. Any extra bases are just gravy in this sense.

I'd love to see what our minor leaguers can do, but I think we will have to wait until September for that
Small enough number of PAs for these stats to be pretty volatile. Mesoraco is 2 for 2 with a HR and Frazier is 2 for 4 and neither are regular options as a PH. Take away 4 for 6 with a HR (and 5 RBI) and those numbers would change a lot

Paul has been the best, but he's not really on the bench regularly now either.

All that said, I don't think its a major problem. I'd just like to see the team to find a way to get Mesoraco more PAs and not necessarily at Hanigan's expense. I think its the most available way to upgrade the offense.