My team:

C - Varitek; 1B- Derrek Lee; 2B- Ray Durham; SS- Nomar; 3B - Alfonzo; OF - S. Green; OF- Klesko; OF- L. Gonzalez; UTIL's: J. Cruz, Jr; K. Millar; Mark Ellis; Bench: C. Crawford; B. Giles

SP - R. Johnson; M. Prior; J. Vazquez; K. Benson; J. Schmidt; Ramon Ortiz; Ted Lilly;

RP- E. Guardado; K. Foulke

DL: J. Isringhausen

O.K, now that you know who I have, here is my question. It has been reported that Isringhausen had a setback, and that he won't be returning at least until the beginning of May. Brian Giles also went on the DL, and he could be out anywhere from 2-6 weeks. We only have 1 DL spot in our league. Here are my options:

1) Keep roster as is: Isringhausen on the DL, keep Giles on the bench, and I still have an extra hitter to rotate in/out, but no extra pitcher.

2) Drop Isringhausen, move Giles to the DL and pick up another relief pitcher, available include: Mike DeJean; Rocky Biddle; Joe Borowski, Brandon Villefuerte; Steve Kline; Jorge Julio; Matt Anderson; or Lance Carter.

3) Drop Isringhausen, move Giles to DL and pick up a starter (scrap the whole 3 RP idea because I've got two good ones). Available SP's include: Esteban Loiza; Jeff Suppan; Kurt Ainsworth; Brad Radke; Ricardo Rodriguez; Brian Anderson; Joe Mays; Darren Dreifort; or John Halama.

4) Drop Isrighausen, move Giles to DL and pickup SP/RP Johan Santana. While Santana is neither a starter or closer, he posts very good numbers that could help my pitching staff across the board.

I guess the main question is: Should I drop Isringhausen and pick up another player moving Giles to the DL, and if so, which route would you go, a pitcher for the bench; or another hitter to rotate with my starting position players?

Available hitters include: Rondell White, Xavier Nady, Mark Kotsay, D'Angelo Jimenez, Jay Gibbons, Aubrey Huff, Nick Johnson, Josh Phelps, Geoff Jenkins, and Alex Sanchez.

Any opinions welcomed....