I am a St. Louis native who this weekend will, for the first time, be gracing America's illustrious Queen City with my presence. I will be attending parts I and II of the three-game set at Great American Ballpark, and I am anxiously looking forward to continuing the National League's most stellar rivalry of the past three years in person. As it is my first time in the Tri-State area, I am eager to enjoy all that Cincinnati is able to offer over the course of a weekend.

I am something of a an urban enthusiast; I am very involved in St. Louis's neighborhood associations and civic activism scene, and I have a deep appreciation for experiencing the urban fabric of American cities, especially in the midwest. I am therefore curious about which districts my friends and I should explore, and I don't mind being directed to the less touristy, more off-the-beaten-path areas that are perhaps more up-and-coming; I would like to see the places that residents of the city of Cincinnati are most proud of these days.

I would appreciate not being sent to the projects, although as a Cardinals fan I'll take what I have coming to me on this form!

Thanks in advance, all.