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I'd raise two points here: (1) this isn't Gee's first time at the rodeo as it pertains to off the cuff remarks; and, (2) I don't see the importance of whether or not you, me, or anyone else was deeply offended by it. The point is you don't make comments/jokes like this in your official capacity as a professional. Save it for the weekend card game or the part time stand up comedy routine. There's a time and place for everything, and Gee simply could not figure that out over the span of decades. If you want to be one of the most high profile individuals in your profession, learn to have a filter.
I agree with what you've said.

The only thing I'll quibble with is having a sense of proportion. I don't consider what he said an outrage. I'd call it more dumb. These kinds of things slide along an analog scale. They aren't a digital all or nothing thing.