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Cincinnati just has to beat STL tonight or I will vomit into the next day reading the smug, self-congratulatory prattlings being posted by its fans. Here are two such gems, I warn you, be near a toilet:

Calling a team the best and actually BEING the best on the field are two different things. You know that, right? That's why we play 162 games, rather than simply call the winner at the beginning of the season. The sportswriters who picked Cincinnati to win this division/league/World Series vastly over-estimated them while overlooking the dangerous machine the Cardinals were building. I'd say some eyes have been opened by what has happened ON THE FIELD, not IN THE PRESS.

Yes the Cardinals are this good. It starts with drafting great young pitching and developing them "the Cardinal Way" in the minors and once they reach Busch..They are winners..So get used to it..With Shelby Miller, Lance Lynn,Wacha, and Garcia you are going to see alot of Cardinal wins..plus throw in the veteran Wainwright. It has never been more exciting to be a Cardinal fan! So to answer your question..NO the Reds are not the best team because the media picked them! The media does not play the games..Hell the media picked the Dodgers and Angels to win..loook at them!
It's a long season - they should not be so sure of themselves