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I agree with you that the Reds brass may not actually adopt any of the possible solutions, for whatever reason, and most likely for the sake of "roles" and continuity in the OF. But I think it's pretty clear that Bruce, Heisey and (probably) Robinson would all be better -- i.e., more "viable" -- CF than Choo going forward. In the case of both Bruce and Heisey, we have MLB level evidence that this is the case. In the case of Robinson, we have an athletic, fast fielder who looks the part and (I believe) has played there in the minors.
I would argue the "pretty clear" part where Bruce is concerned. The MLB evidence you're citing is 35 games as a rookie, a season in which his competition for the spot was the anemic Corey Patterson and right field was manned by Ken Griffey Jr. And Bruce was moved to right the instant Junior was traded. It didn't exactly scream "center fielder of the future."

Now, one could argue that if he'd spent the offseason prepping to play CF and had played CF so far this season, he could be doing a little better than Choo has. But that's not the same thing as saying, if you flipped them today, he'll be better tomorrow.

I do believe Heisey and Robinson as a pair would be better, but Heisey's not here and Robinson's bat won't play every day all summer long, so we either live with Choo's defense in center or we bounce him back and forth depending on who else is playing that day. That's not optimal either. And then, if Ludwick does return for the stretch run and we make the playoffs, Choo's going to be playing center in the postseason. So there's an argument for leaving him there and giving him every scrap of experience he can get.

Having said all that, it certainly wouldn't shock me if the Reds made a July deal for a rent-a-center-fielder.