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This is typical Chad. Always the goofball and always seeking attention. Guess what, Chad? This is a courtroom and you are facing time in jail. Time to grow up and act like an adult... or face jail. I applaud the judge. This is not about a 15 yard penalty or a fine by Goodell. Court (CRIMINAL COURT) is serious stuff. Chad has A.D.D. or is just stupid. And being stupid in court might get you more than a 15 yard penalty. But in his not so smart fashion he figured a plea deal between his attorney and the prosecutor was a done deal and he could do something CUTE. Wrong! He will have some time to grow up. And hopefully he will mature and learn not to assault other people while sitting in jail.

BTW... I used to be a huge Chad fan. No agenda against him. But stupid is as stupid does.
Such a poor choice of words.