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That is my point though. Judges shouldn't just be able to do what they want. Slapping someone on the butt, who isn't taking it as a sexual harassment type of situation, is not against the law. It shouldn't warrant jail time. It shouldn't warrant anything because it is not against the law to do it.
But, doug, the judge decides the sentence for violating probabtion. Not the prosecutor. You are missing that important fact. Judges can do what they want in their court and are only limited by maximum sentence time for a specific crime when sentencing. And this a part of the reason we have an appeals process in this great country. Judges are human too. You do not agree with the jail time. I do and so does the judge. Chad is in jail b/c he violated probation. He would have never been in that court (again) if not for the stupidty of violating probation. Then to be a jackwagon3 with the butt slap (jackwagon1 = guilty of domestic violence ; jackwagon 2 = probation violation) showed he is not getting it to the judge.

You can more flies with honey than vinegar. Acting the fool just prior to a sentence being handed down is a prime example of this old saying. When facing jail you had better show seriousness in that court or face sitting in jail. And guess what? FOOLISH, Chad. Stay away from domestic violence and slap as many friendly butts as ya want.