As the title says...what do you consider the Reds baseball identity to be? Let's try and leave the other NL Central team out that is the main rival of the Reds out of this one.

So examples of what I mean of baseball identities:

NYY: successful team bolstered by deep pockets and big purchases. Aka buys success.

Cubs: The team that is doomed to never win another World Series again

Dodgers/LAA: unsuccessfully trying to follow NYY model

Oakland A's: Perpetual underdog that has great seasons all things considered

Pittsburgh Pirates: can count on them being a below 500 ball club by the end of the season.

Some news outlets tried to paint the Reds as the new bad boys of baseball...... Although there might be a personality or two, I just don't see it.

What are your thoughts?

DISCLAIMER: thread is about Reds, not other NL Central or any other team for that matter.